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16/04/2013 - I had a little meander through the site recently, and noticed a few pics not displaying correctly, so I figured I’d better fix them. While doing that, I thought I’d check all the links and put a few new words on here too.

Still catching up with events from last year, I was lucky enough to experience a hot air balloon flight early last summer. It was a warm, slightly hazy and incredibly still morning at Etchinghill, near Folkestone. So little wind was there, that after drifting this way and that, finding differing breezes at various altitudes, we actually landed on the same golf course from which we’d taken off!

From over a mile up, the views were breathtaking. Stretching from the coast of France, north to Essex, and westwards to Beachy Head. Our knowledgeable and skilled pilot, Michael, gave a full commentary, pointing out interesting features such as the infamous Goodwin Sands and the Royal Military Canal. It was like a combined history and geography lesson from the air.

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I managed to take in the Ansel Adams exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich over easter. I expected everything to be printed big, I think because we’re so used to seeing Adams’ work as posters, and indeed there were some big prints, and even bigger murals on show. But what I was really taken with were the more modest sized prints which invite a closer, more intimate relationship with the viewer. (I know, that sounds really pretentious, but I can’t think of another way of putting it). Anyway, in a word, “stunning”. Art and craft in perfect harmony, and I felt sufficiently inspired to buy some black and white roll film for the Mamiya, so watch this space...

On the subject of photographic legends: Just opened at the Natural History Museum is “Genesis”, the latest work from Sebastiao Salgado. Another trip to the capital this summer then...

I really like Greenwich. There’s a lot to see and do in quite a small area. I especially like the historic buildings of the Naval College. In good light, they can look amazing. sadly, we were not blessed with good light on the day of our visit, but I snapped a couple anyway. I don’t think this one’s too bad considering the conditions... and the lamp-post in the centre is doing a grand job of hiding the workman in his hi-vis jacket replacing the window!

kentish lanscape from the air
inflating the envelope. kent ballooning
Royal Naval College, Greenwich

30/11/2012 - So, as promised, a further update on recent happenings, (as I deal with the crushing disappointment of failing to secure tickets for Glastonbury 2013!).

Have you tried “on-demand” publishing yet? It seems the humble photo album is a thing of the past in these digital days, which is a bit of a shame, but all is not lost. On-demand publishing allows you to design and make your very own photobook.

Using “Blurb”, I’ve made a few now, 2 of which are there for all to see and critique and maybe even buy, on the blurb website.

2 books available now from blurb

“Land. Sea. Sky” is a simple portfolio of colour landscape shots, with each picture presented with a caption giving a little “snippet” of information about the location.

“30 Days has September” is the result of a picture-a-day project in black and white which I set myself in September 2011.

Land. Sea. Sky was collated as a set of individual images which, when sequenced in a particular way became a presentable portfolio. The sequencing of the images in 30 Days, however, due to the nature of the project is far less contrived. There was no plan or shot list (aside from my realising early on that I wanted some receding rail tracks for the final shot). Some days were quick grabs, others were more considered, leading to suggestions for further locations which would then begin to inform the sequencing of ideas for images not yet taken, in my mind.

I’m pleased that I kept at it and completed the month, and I’ll admit to just a little bit of pride in the finished book.

You can see both books by clicking here to visit my Blurb books page.

Please do take a look, and let me know what you think.

26/09/2012 - How time flies... I cant believe it’s been two years since I last done any work on the site! I really don’t know where the time goes. No excuses though, I’m determined to make more of an effort and to update at least a couple of times a year, even if it’s just a “hello” and a few lines on the news page, which has kind of taken the form of an occasional “blog”. I quite like that evolution though, and I hope that that perception will give me the mindset to continue to update and add to it on a more regular basis

So... lots to tell then, but I’m not going to spill it all in one go. I’ll hold some of it in reserve in the hope it’ll encourage me to post again soon. Besides, the anti virus scan will kick in shortly, and that slows this machine to a snails pace, so a quick snippet now and more to follow soon.

Back to June 2010 then, and the 40th anniversary Glastonbury Festival. A conversation with some friends ended with four of us deciding we’d like to experience it, and if it turned out not to be to our liking, well at least we’d know not to do it again.

Well, we all want to do it again!

The first view of the vastness of the festival site from the top of the hill is truly breathtaking, and I must admit to a little trepidation as I confess I’m not really comfortable in big crowds, and this was a big crowd by anyone’s standards. An estimated 180,000 people on site over the weekend. That’s more than four times the population of the City of Canterbury. But there’s so much going on that you really don’t notice the enormity of the crowds, and in any case, everyone is happy and chilled and there to have a good time. The default facial expression seems to be “smile” and it’s not unusual to see mounted police wearing fairy wings and Indian headdresses

As a shared experience, I reckon Glastonbury Festival is pretty hard to beat, and the excitement of being there remains long after you return home. See you there in 2013!

glastonbury festival 2010 mounted police

above - mounted police at Glastonbury festival 2010. Photo: Stuart Drysdale

The pic on the right shows just a small part of the festival site from above the “tipi village”, and is a 3 shot panorama taken on my mobile phone.

glastonbury festival 2010 panorama
west bay, nr bridport, dorset

16/10/2009 - Recently returned home from a few days in beautiful Dorset. Cosy little cottage on a farm near Bridport. The boys loved the farm, and the fossil hunting on the beach at West Bay. The weather was very kind to us, but sadly, as you’ll probably be only too aware, family holiday and serious photography do not comfortably mix. So just snapshots, one of which you can see here.

We stayed at Washingpool farm, which, as well as providing comfortable accommodation, has a fantastic farm shop.

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Currently preparing some new pics for folio 1 to be uploaded in the coming weeks. Hope to add to all 4 folios before the end of the year.

lock 27, grand union canal, linslade

Back in June I, along with five friends spent a leisurely (boozy) weekend “chugging” along the Grand Union Canal in a 62ft canalboat called Splendid! It’s a brilliant way to see the countryside while you get nowhere fast. “Canal folk” all seem to be cheery souls (and why wouldn’t they be? it’s a very agreeable way of life), canal side architecture is very photogenic, and wildlife abounds.

Almost every former lock-keeper’s cottage is now a welcoming pub, and the only downside, as complete novices, was the audience as we tried to look as if we knew what we were doing at the first two or three locks. But seriously, it doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things and you soon feel all the stresses of modernity drifting away.

We hired our boat from The Wyvern Shipping Company at Linslade, near Leighton Buzzard

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11/06/2009 - “I am a businessman”. With the global recession in full swing and financial bad news coming thick and fast, I’m perhaps bucking the trend a little, but demand for my framing services has been steadily growing to the extent that it’s become more than a hobby. So in these times of fiscal uncertainty I’ve registered as a sole trader.

Not busy enough to give up my day job, but enough to encourage me that a moderate additional income is possible on a part time basis. So wish me luck with my first tax return!

A consequence of this is even less free time to enjoy photography. However, as I’ve specified the nature of the business as “picture framing and freelance photography”, perhaps that’ll give me a little extra incentive to pursue some photographic goals.

So, that’s my excuse for having no new pics on the site recently, but bear with me, I hope to put up a few new shots very soon.

06/04/2009 - So, after a couple of mammoth sessions at the computer (not my idea of fun), all pages and pictures have been resized. Hopefully my recovery from the trauma won’t be too long and I can get some new stuff on the site very soon. Meanwhile, to add to the list a little further down this page, here’s a few more places around the world from where I’ve welcomed visitors to this site: Turkey, Denmark, Qatar, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Austria, Lithuania, Romania, Peru, Guam, and Sao Tome e Principe (Africa’s smallest state, comprising 2 small islands in the Gulf of Guinea - I must confess I had to “google” it to find out where in the world, but now I know I’m sure I’ll never forget - and it looks idyllic).

Once again, to all who visit, you really are most welcome, I don’t have a visitors book, but I’d appreciate your feedback. So please do let me know what you like, or don’t like about the site.

04/01/2009 - Having recently upgraded to a 19” monitor, I’ve recognised the fact that the pages on this site (built using a 15” screen) are not really displaying as I’d like them to (we live and learn!). Therefor, it being new year, I’m beginning the task of updating and resizing all the pages and images across the entire site. For me, this is a considerable undertaking and may take some time. So please bear with me. I’m sure It’ll be worth it.

The ideal screen resolution for viewing this site (once all resizing is complete) will apparently be 1280 x 1024.

Photographically speaking, 2008 was far quieter than I would have liked. The picture framing side of things is growing and kind of taking over a considerable portion of my free time. Not that I’m complaining. It all helps pay the bills... I did finish making a pinhole camera early in the year, but have not yet used it in anger. It takes 120 roll film and the neg size will be something like 55x24. If the camera takes a worthy shot, I hope to add a pinhole gallery to the site at some time in the future, and maybe a small piece on the camera itself.

ryan and liam in thornden wood

21/01/2008 - It’s been about 10 months since I last put any new pics on the site, so apologies for my apparent recalcitrance, but I haven’t been completely idle (honest).    There’s loads of new pics to look at now, with fresh stuff in all four folios. As always, please let me know what you think.                                                                                  On the left is another pic of Ryan and Liam on a walk in the local woods, taken on the same day as the Thornden Wood photos in folios 1 and 2.

It’s been about 16 months since the site went live, and it never ceases to amaze me when I check the visitor statistics provided by my web host. No more than 3 years ago, my photos had probably only ever been seen by family and friends. Now I can boast of a worldwide audience, and that really is taking quite some getting used to.

At this point in time, and if they are to be believed, the visitor stats for this site tell me that in addition to the UK, hits have come, in no particular order, from (deep breath...) France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Swaziland, Canada, Australia, Japan, Lebanon, Greece, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, Argentina, Russia, Philippines, USA, China, Vietnam, Israel, Egypt, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Botswana, Thailand and Columbia.

So to all who have stumbled upon this little site, wherever in the world you call home, a big thank you for visiting - You’ve made my day!

02/10/2007 - I’m really pleased to have been asked to display some prints in a local gallery for the duration of the Canterbury Festival (and hopefully beyond). The festival runs from October 13th to 27th, and part of the programme of events is an arts trail through Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable and Faversham, taking in galleries and artists own houses.

My sincere thanks to John and Daniel at THE STUDIO - Kents most affordable professional photographic studio - for showing an interest in my stuff and kindly offering me some of their wall space.

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28/07/2007 - Fulfilled a long-standing desire to visit THE EDEN PROJECT whilst on holiday in beautiful Cornwall in June. The whole place is incredibly photogenic. The fantastic architecture of the massive biomes, art installations and, of course, the many thousands of plants and flowers all making great subjects. Being a family holiday, I couldn’t sneak the macro kit and tripod in, so concentrated on bigger and wider things. I’d recommend a visit to Eden to anyone, whether you’re into plants and gardens or not. It’s a great day out and I’ll certainly be going back the next time we’re in the area.

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eden project, cornwall
eden project, cornwall
eden project, cornwall

24/05/2007   -   Many thanks to Alice Burton for her kind review of this site in the June issue of OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE. Published by GMC, OP and sister title BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY are two of the finest photography titles available in the UK. (Free plug over!)

12/03/2007   -   I’ve just heard that a shot I posted on the choose-film web site has been voted “image of the week”. If you’re still a film user but haven’t yet signed up to choose-film, please do so. Despite the rise and rise of digital, we committed film users are still a major market for the photo industry and I think it’s great news that Fuji is showing support for analogue by backing the site. With high profile photographers such as David Ward, Alistair Baird and Derry Brabbs already signed up, I’m sure choose-film will prove extremely successful.

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In case you’re wondering, my winning image was “passing storm, Seasalter”, which is proving to be a very popular image, with print sales already in double figures. It can be seen in folio 2.

03/03/2007   -   Finally, some new pics on the site. 2 new images in folio 1.

On Friday 23rd Feb, I took the long and arduous journey around the M25 and up the M40 to Banbury to take in the excellent Michael Kenna exhibition. Simply Stunning photos, well worth the journey. If you didn’t manage to get to the exhibition, or haven’t seen his work before, I implore you to visit his web site for a taste of his sublime imagery.

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The pic on the right is of Ryan at the computer. It was taken about a year or so ago, and I’m hoping that he’ll soon be able to take over the updates to this site as he’ll know far more about it than I ever will!

ryan and liam playing in the garden with mamiya c330f

01/02/2007 - Well I’ve been online for 6 months now, and I thought it was time for a few updates, so I’ve added this news page and put some next/previous buttons on the image pages to make navigating through the site a little easier. In the coming weeks I hope to start adding a few more images.

The pic on the left is of my boys, Ryan (standing) and Liam in the garden playing with my Mamiya . I’ve put it on here just ‘cos I like it.

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