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Born and brought up in Kent, I’ve lived in Herne Bay, on the North Kent coast for most of my life.

Aside from the early use of simple 110 cartridge cameras, my interest in photography didn’t surface until I bought my first SLR, a Praktica BCA, around the age of 20. Quickly finding the limitations of the aperture priority only Praktica, I soon joined the Nikon stable with the F301.

My kitbag now contains a Nikon F4 for general shots and macro, a Mamiya C330f for landscapes, and an Olympus XA (usually loaded with black and white film) for anything that catches my eye. Being on a limited budget, pretty much all my kit is second hand, but it all works, so I’m happy to continue using it as long as I can buy film. My most recent aquisition is a lovely Olympus OM4, which I’m enjoying getting to know.

My primary photographic interests are gardens / flowers and landscapes, a fact reflected in the content of this site. But with the twin commitments of work and family, time spent on indulging my passions is short.

I had the pleasure, a few years ago, of being asked to shoot all the images for my employers’ corporate calendar, some of which are on this site, which led to the pinacle of my photographic endeavours thus far; a published article in Amateur Photographer magazine (13th March 2004). I’ve been fortunate enough to make a few sales.

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