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Hi and welcome to my website. Having this online portfolio is purely a vanity project, and I hope at least some of the images here give you, the viewer, some pleasure. Having said that, although the site isn’t set up to make sales, if there is something you think you’d like to buy, please e-mail me via the contact page with your request and I’ll get straight back to you.

I intend to periodically update and refresh the images to keep the site fresh. But being a self-confessed technophobe, it all depends if I can get my head around the technicalities. So please do call back from time to time and check the news page for details of any changes to the site. The news pages are also where you’ll find some links to places on the web that I think are interesting.

Use the buttons on the left to navigate the site, and if you feel like commenting on the content, details of how to get in touch are on the contact page.

I’ve tried to make the site as simple to view and navigate as is humanly possible, mainly because that’s all my basic grasp of the site building programme would allow! Perhaps, if I have the time, inclination, and confidence,  I’ll attempt a re-design and add some fancy stuff at some time in the future... Maybe... 

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your stay,    


Latest update - 31/03/2018 - see below.

    The site update process has begun - The main aim is to simplify the site and return to the image led content that I originally envisaged. Step 1 is to slim down the text-heavy areas of the site, so the “news” pages have been removed in favour of a standalone “blog” where I can write about a wider variety of subjects. further steps will probably be less obvious: things like buttons; font sizes & styles, etc. Then there’s the pictures - the reason this site exists. I don’t intend to overfill the site, less is more, so although there’ll be new photos added, some older stuff will have to go to make way. So please check back from time to time, and let me know what you think...

    And please, do visit my blog site at and let me know what you think.  


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